Monday, 30 March 2009

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Right, I'm not a great fan of the iPhone. This probably stems from my deep hatred of Apple. This posting isn't an anti-iPhone rant - I just wanted to disclose my preference in advance.

About 20 minutes ago, this post went up. It states that the iPhone is only the 24th most popular phone for mobile web browsing, with Nokia taking the bulk of the honours. The problem is that this data is enormously skewed.

The source in from Bango, the mobile payment processing folk. They've collected their statistics by phone model for February 2009 and they've reached this conclusion.

Except this isn't the correct conclusion. The conculsion is that iPhone users don't use Bango very much. Well, this isn't a shock, iPhone users only buy apps from the Apple App Store, they don't go hunting around. They aren't being lead by operator portals for instance.

Why am I angry about this? I don't know, other than bad maths from other bloggers I suppose.

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